Mangalnath Temple Ujjain

According to Purans Mangal is the son of Prithvi. Means mangal is generated from the Earth as the Mars. In the spritural stories mangla has born by melt of lord Shiva. mangal planat has called ugra by nature as per jyotish shastra. jotish shastra is based on 12 zoidc signs and grah, nakshatra etc. Mangal is called honour of Arise. The temple of Mangalnath is situted on bank of the Kshipra river Holy city Ujjain is situtated in center of the world. and famous karka line passes away from Ujjain.Devoted to Lord Shiva, Mangalnath Temple is the significantly respected holy place located in Ujjain. In that per that the inscriptions in Matsya Purana, Mangalnath is claimed to get the birthplace of Mars. Mangalnath Temple (mandir) is placed on the serene surroundings and it overlooks that the vast stretch of water in the majestic Shipra River. A wonderful shrine situated far away out of of the very fact that flurry of the city life, provides an unimaginable sense of tranquility for the tourists. Of the fact that temple (mandir) is situated at that the place the place of the actual fact that earliest meridian is claimed to cross of the very fact that earth therefore the current place was a renowned spot in a clear view of your planet and consequently it turned to be an apt place for astronomical studies. Mangalnath Temple often is the highly admired shrine situated in Ujjain District, Madhya Pradesh. In keeping with Matsya Purana, Mangalnath is taken into account to be that the delivery place of Mars. That the presiding goddess is Bhagwan Shiva.